Issues / Requirements List 2003-10-02

This is the Issues list for the Map Editor. Issues will be struck off as they are completed. Please note that this list is NOT sorted according to priority. All points are to be implemented ASAP.

  1. Add short cut key to save all. (SHIFT + CTRL + S)
  2. If the texture file is not saved instead of prompting the user, save the texture with same name as map file.
  3. Add Save As. Prompt for new file name.
  4. Add Flatten area function to terrain editing.
  5. Property Editor for terrain: Perlin buttons bigger, Uppercase first letter of words and add icon.
  6. Smooth Map as found under edit menu item = Access violation.
  7. Saving terrain. Do not prompt for the extension in the edit box. This should be added auto if not provided by user.Default filename should be that of the map that was saved. If the map has not yet been saved, the save button must be disabled. There should rather be a export button that will allow you to save the terrain as a template.
  8. On saving map and map file already exists, prompt to overwrite existing file
  9. On closing terrain edit form get access violation
  10. File->Options. Preference changes made here must be saved to disk on applying changes. These preferences must be loaded on startup of editor. Add button to reset to default settings. After clicking on apply button, button must be disabled until other changes have been made. Apply and OK button only to be enabled if changes are made.
  11. Add function where the user can set the value of height. Checkbox to enable and disable this function. On modeling of terrain, the cell data will not change incrementally, rather assume the assigned height automatically. This will allow us to create canyons, rivers effortlessly. This function to be added to the property editor.
  12. Clipboard menu item must be hidden until it does something.
  13. Property Editor: Layout does not look good. See what you can do with this.
  14. New brushes to be saved to the disk. On load of editor, brushes must be loaded into mem and menu items created for them.
  15. Custom brushes menu items must also be created in terrain edit screen so that the user can have easy access to them.
  16. Go threw the whole system. All the buttons that do not have icons, add icons. All captions first letter must be caps. Resize screens so that but buttons do not hug the form borders. All dialog cancel buttons, must cancel and give AV or do anything else than close the dialog. All loading and saving dialogs must have a default filter. These dialogs should also open in the correct and relevant folder.
  17. Not that all icons must the standardized. There can only be one load icon, one save icon.
  18. On making changes to the terrain and move around you can easily loose your changes. We need to bring in a structure where you can not move until a dialog confirming your changes has been displayed. If the user decides to proceed with out saving his changes, the he does so at his own risk.
  19. Add materials edit screen.
  20. Create a default texture package file that will be a standard with the map editor. On creating a new map:
    • Create a default texture package. This package to import the terrain bitmap that is used by the terrain editor.
    • Terrain editor does not load the bitmap from disk anymore, but from this package.
  21. Create structure to define character spawn points.
  22. Complete plant definition edit screen and structure to place is on map.
  23. Complete add-on import screen.
  24. Complete arena edit screen and .map imports.

completed list items

  1. WASD should move you in the direction that you are looking in
  2. Ensure that all the dialog forms are resized so that the buttons do not hug the bottom or right edge of the form.
  3. Saving terrain, caption on save dialog should be save terrain and not map. Edit box title label should be enter terrain name and not map name.
  4. Language menu item can be made invisible until support for it has been added.
  5. Terrain edit screen should have a Save As button so you can save terrain changes as a different terrain file.
  6. Custom brush edit screen. Click on random button and then click cancel, all the cells are set to 0. This is not right, must stay the same.
  7. Add preview option to custom brush screen so that the user can preview his new creation.
  8. On saving custom brush to disk, path should try and open in relevant directory.
  9. Custom brush string grid cell may not be changed to non integer values ('', a..z.), if so, revert value to 0.
  10. Add function to load custom brush from grey scale 16x16 bitmap.
  11. Change radius setting shortcut keys to + and -. These make more sense.
  12. Import button on import dialog must be disabled until a file is selected.
  13. Import browse dialog filter must be set to extensions allowed for import
  14. Property Editor for the terrain must be on and visible by default.
  15. If you are busy with the terrain editor and you click on create new map. Terrain does not revert back. A dialog should prompt the user as follows:"Would you like to keep the current terrain into the new map or would you like to revert back to a flat surface?" or something like that.
  16. If set terrain being in mesh mode and editing, "cursor" keeps jumping around. Mostly to top left corner. On doing the edit of cell data, this jumping causes the cell data to be edited in the wrong place.
  17. Texture packages. If I choose to cancel on the name specification of the texture pack, the hole operation must be canceled. Else this will cause a access violation on any operation you try. Reconstruction:
    • Create new map
    • Add texture package
    • Click on cancel when prompted for name.
  18. Change map xml for project details so that the "ProjectName" is a attribute of the project details element.
  19. Custom bush unit uses the terrain edit unit. The terrain edit unit also uses the custom brush unit. This is bad practice. Objects used by these units that cause this cross referencing must be moved to a terrain objects library unit. Any generic types, constants and functions must also move to this library.

Please ensure that points are implemented ASAP as they add value to the system and / or are required for immediate implementation to Pulse.

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Edited by DanB - 31 Oct 2003