Game Features List & Design Issues


  • Dynamic and configurable with plugins
  • Look and feel (Theme)
  • Menu event effects
  • Layout

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Plugins to allow for loading of custom games, game configuration, registration of extra models and weapons, effects ...

  • Plugin support ?
  • Menu
  • Maps
  • Effects
  • Scripting
  • Models
  • AI
  • Maps

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  • How to create maps and with what tools?
  • Do we support other game's maps (license issues?)
  • Map rendering
  • Objectives
  • Game Types
    • DM = Death Match
    • TDM = Team Death Match
    • CTF = Capture The Flag
    • TCTF = Team Capture The Flag
    • Map Objectives Defend And Assault
  • Map scripting
    • Events On Map (you move over a part of the map, a torch get lit...)
    • Zone definitions and conditions

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  • Models supported
  • Types of Model
    • Biological (Humanoid, Creature, Alien...)
    • Mechanical (Robot, Turret...)
    • Vehicular (Motorized, Hover, Air)
  • Zone identification (Head shots take more damage or kill instantly)
  • Basic standard features that models have to subscribe to
  • Model effects naming standards

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Communication (Chat)

  • Chat room (Look and feel)
  • Global messaging
  • Team messaging
  • Individual messaging
  • System messaging (Add Bots, Remove Bots, Set AI Level, Kick player)

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  • Protocol Support (TCP/IP, UDP...) // Sockets vs. Indy
  • LAN
  • WAN

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  • Hard coded vs. Script based
  • AI configuration (AI Level -> Easy, Medium, Hard, Impossible)
  • Environmental AI (Bystanders, map inhabitants...)
  • Generic AI that is default for all AI players
  • Allow for custom AI script to be imbedded to model for custom AI players

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  • Environment sound effects (Weather...)
  • Effects sound effects (Explosions, shots fired, people shot...)
  • Taunting
  • Biological (map inhabitants)
  • Stereo vs. Mono -> Menu configurable
  • Does AI respond to Sound (Birds fly away and people scatter on shots fired in near vicinity)

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Configuration Menu Options

  • Application vs. In-Game configuration
  • Graphics
    • Gamma
    • Antialias
    • Color depth
    • Effects quality
    • Terrain detail quality
    • Texture detail
    • Model skin detail
  • Sound
    • Stereo or mono
    • Environmental sound effects on/off + volume
    • Effects sound effects on/off + volume
    • Allow taunting
  • Key configuration
  • Activation of plugins
  • Easy configuration options (Poor Quality, Medium Quality, High Quality, Custom)
  • Full screen or windowed
  • Resolution
  • LOD on/off

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Game Server

  • Map
  • Max players
  • Type of game (if map supports more than one)
  • Password protection
  • Minimum ping of player to be allowed
  • Number of bots
  • Bots AI level
  • Allow for map inhabitants.
  • Rendering mode (if applicable, normal rendering vs. cartoon rendering)
  • Record play option (store commands to be replayed later)
  • Client connectivity version control
  • Client ping connectivity control
  • Internal to game and stand alone (dedicated)
  • Allow Physics (ODE)

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  • Single player (objective based)
  • Single player (against bots)
  • Multiplayer
  • Player log
  • Player Stats
    • Frags
    • Deaths
    • Accuracy or Fire/Hit Ratio (This can make things interesting as you may have a option where only players above a certain hit ration can use certain weapons, players below a certain hit ratio can use others e.g. Players with a good hit ratio can use sniper rifles. Players with poor hit ratio can use rockets)

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OS Support

  • Windows
  • Linux

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Tools Required

  • Map creation tool
  • Model manipulation tool for scripting and imbedding custom AI Scripts
  • Menu modification tool
    • Look and feel
    • Effects

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All modules have to be documented and proposed to the development team for scrutiny before coding takes place. There will be exceptions to the rule, but this for now is the rule. Good and thorough design will be required from all module leaders. Where requested a demo / testing application to be provided. (This will be made publicly available) All documents will include:

  1. Heading
  2. Index
  3. Descriptive introduction (1 paragraph)
  4. Date created
  5. Date modified
  6. Creator name and if required modifier name.
  7. Language used in documentation is English
  8. All documents will be made public.

Document template will be provided. Suggestions welcome.

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