All models and artwork, including textures created for the sole purpose of use in Pulse are Copyright , 2003 Matt Weaver. These models and artwork may not be used without the express permission from the Copyright holder.

Models that do not fall under this copyright are (excluding the textures) :

  • pistol.3ds
  • shotgun.3ds

Models and artwork that do not fall under the copyright, are seen as public domain and are free for use.

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Recent News

  • A new GUI specification section has been added to this webpage. Click here to go there.
  • A new model specification section has been added to this webpage. Click here to jump down.
  • The file format for our character models are almost definitely going to be changing from ID Software's Quake III (MD3) format to Half Life (SMD) format.

    The reason being, MD3 files are practically static and we want to evolve into a skeletal animation system, for smooth animation blending and mouth movement capabilities, which requires the transition. Ghoul is also an option but has not been confirmed to be bug free within GLScene. So SMD will be the way we turn.

    No definite time has yet been set as to when the file transition will take place. It will be rather a time consuming process.

3D Models, Concepts and Screenshots




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Portable Weapons
Screenshots were taken from the actual Pulse Engine (MUGGLE) at its present state

Pistol with Concept

pistol pistol

Long Range Sniper Rifle (without concept)

Rifle with Concept

rifle rifle

Shotgun with Concept

shotgun shotgun

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Stationary Weapons and Objects

Defensive Cannon with Concept

cannon cannon

Ammo / Gear Terminal (without concept)


Vehicle Pad and Repair Station (without concept)


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Assault Truck


Hoverbike Concept

Hover-Board Concept


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3D Model and Texture Artist(s) to-do list
Items will be marked as Complete when the task has been finished

3D Models and Textures

  • Pistol Modelled - Complete | Pistol Textured - Complete
  • Shotgun Modelled - Complete | Shotgun Textured - Complete
  • Submachine Gun Modelled (being remade)
  • Rifle Modelled - Complete | Rifle Textured - Complete
  • Sniper Rifle Modelled - Complete | Sniper Rifle Textured - Complete
  • Assault Truck Modelled - Incomplete (Partially done) | Assault Truck Textured - Incomplete
  • Turret Modelled - Complete | Turret Textured - Complete
  • Character 1 Modelled - Complete | Character 1 Textured (skinned) - Complete
  • Ammo and Weapons Depot Modelled - Complete | Ammo and Weapons Depot Textured - Complete
  • Vehicle and Repair Pads Modelled - Complete | Vehicle and Repair Pads Textured - Complete

2D Artwork and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI - HUD objects)

  • Muggle Logo Small - Complete | Muggle Logo Large (800 pixels width minimum) - Incomplete
  • Pulse Logo Small - Incomplete | Pulse Logo Large (800 pixels width minimum) - Incomplete
  • Pulse Main GUI - HUD - Incomplete | GUI - HUD Integration with the Engine - Incomplete

Graphical User Interface Description : Elements needed for the engine GUI - HUD are listed below. Images must be in TGA format whenever possible, compressed, and smoothed to look nice. Artist's use your best judgement as to what optimizations to use.

  • Weapons Display - Which weapons are currently in the players inventory - This element must be simple and quick to toggle, yet sophisticated. The purpose of this element is for the player to quickly switch to another weapon he may have in his inventory - Incomplete
  • Inventory Display - Which items currently occupy the players inventory | Armed weapons and items such as healing kits, ammo, etc. - This element must be simple and quick to toggle, yet sophisticated - Complete
  • Health Bar - Visible at all times. This shows how much life the player has left before death / respawn - Complete
  • Ammo / Regeneration HUD - Shows how much ammo / charge is left on the weapon in-hand - Incomplete
  • Transparent Window - (Box) For the background of the Console Window - Incomplete
  • Proximity Map (still in limbo) - This map should show all friendly and enemy positions within a given threshold. Simple radar "blips" will work to not give too much detail as to where the enemy is coming from - Incomplete
  • Targetting Crosshairs - There should be at least 5 of these, all in transparency supported file format. There must be multiple images so the user can toggle to different ones in MUGGLE - Complete - (NOTE : Dave has been supplied with a targetting reticule of multiple sizes for testing purposes, the others will be made as time permits)


  • All weapon textures and concepts should be in JPEG format. No smoothing or compression should be added to the texture so it maintains quality. I will personally adjust any texture that is too large in bytesize with an optimized compression method that will not distort image quality.
  • All weapons must maintain the same look and feel. Typically no bright colors should be used unless it's for circuitry (which every model should contain in at least one area) or aiming mechanisms (I.E. Laser Sights (if applicable) and Circuitry control segments)
  • NO wooden textures should be used unless nescessary. In this case, the wood should be a dark grey tone to maintain the look and feel of its sister models.
  • All weapons must have some sort of grip (see Pistol model for the best example of gripstyle). For two-handed weapons, models will have their grips somewhat closely placed so the characters hand movements will be minimized when switching weapons. Single handed weapons do not apply.

    All and any questions reguarding these new changes should be emailed directly to me (Matt) or Caperaven.


  • All GUI and HUD element graphics should be consistent with each other in one way or another.
  • Element textures should look high tech; all metallics or darker backgrounds with brighter glowing highlights. The choice for font colors (when applicable) should be black or dark grey (if the background is lighter) and Aqua (RGB value 0, 255, 255) for darker backgrounds.
  • All textures should be JPEG format with the upper left pixel representing the Alpha Transparency color for graphics with transparent sections or have a border if the graphic does not contain these sections.

    If you need a Photoshop (.8bf) Compliant "GRID" creator please email me and I will send you one that works well (you will see why below).

    The graphic below is an example Inventory Screen that will show sprites inside of it to show what the player has in his inventory (I.E. weapons and healing pack sprites, etc.). All GUI and HUD artists should use this as a reference when considering consistency in look and feel.

    The text could be a bit bigger on the header if nescessary (the font used here was "Courier New" for the caption and the lower detail to simulate a computer matrix type font).

    Texture bytesizes should remain under 150k at best if possible.

    NOTE : This is just a guideline and you can use your imagination in creating the GUI and HUD elements. Email me (Matt) or Cape if you have an inquiries.

Inventory Screen

Health and Energy Bars

The health (red) and energy (blue) bars represent how much of each the player has remaining. The bars were kept seperate from their containers so that coders can implement them.

As the player takes hits, the red bar will either move down in its container, or scale, until its height is 0.

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Model Orientation (for Modeller's information only)


Please orient all of your models in this fashion.

The model should face the +X and +Y axes, and its top should be pointing towards the +Z axis.

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