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The MUGGLE virtual reality platform is a stand-alone OpenSource engine that can be reused for other projects. Muggle is currently in the prototype stage of development; at version 0.10, it will be ready for single player gameplay.  Pulse is the first application made from this engine.

MUGGLE Progression Screenshots
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Optimizing bullet collision tests
Bullet Collisions at Any speed
Playing in Dev Mode. First Person!
Another taste of First Person View
A taste of working guns and First Person View
Its "Gunhead" Season
Dave's Angels
Jumping for his life
Dave is high!
Dave makes a comic. See, Dev's have humor too!
Console is working, and Dave's character is wearing a Gunhat!
Dave's first attempt at a working console for Pulse



Current Features

  • Game Object collection, management, animation, and deletion
  • Add unlimited amounts of new object Classes and Objects with little work
  • Reusable game objects
  • Basic game objects to build from, like TMuggleProxy that maintains a FreeForm masterobject and a Proxy
  • Limit the amount of any object in the system
  • Multiple terrains, add and remove terrains in real time
  • ODE Integration
  • Command line parser
  • Bullet time (slowed physics)

Planned Features

  • First person shooter
  • Third person shooter
  • GUI interface
  • Console overlay
  • Load map/level files
  • Object Linking and attaching
  • Basic vehicle objects with seats for players/enemies
  • Client/Server Architecture, Multiplayer ready
  • Play a game over a network with any amount of players or objects
  • AI enemies

Engine Development

Reporting (do not report bugs until release 0.10)

Related Engines

  • ai.planet - A game world for ai (open source).  Muggle has been built from the aiplanet engine.
  • DiscSweep - A freeware game with stunning graphics + source.
  • D-Vaster - A multiplayer FPS made with GLScene (closed source).
  • GoalBot - A simple game engine using GLScene (closed source).
  • Soccar - ODE soccer game with cars (open source)
  • BzFlag - Multiplayer capture the flag in c++ (open source)


  • Delphi - Object oriented Pascal.
  • GLScene - An opensource graphics library for Delphi.
  • AI.Planet - Muggle is being built using a modified/improved aiplanet engine.
  • DelphiODE, OpenDE - Physics library.
  • MuPlane - A multiplayer codebase.
  • glData - A multipurpose data viewer.
  • GoalBot - A simple game engine.
  • Indy - An opensource networking library for Delphi.
  • FMOD, GLBass - 3D Sound and Music
  • GpProfile - Freeware optimize tool for Delphi.
  • MemProof - Freeware memory leak checker/debugger for Delphi.
  • PasDoc - Code documenting tool.
  • JediVCL - Opensource Delphi Components.
  • CVS - Code management.
  • SourceForge - Project hosting.
  • Teamspeak - Voice chat.
  • mirc, msn - Text chat.

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